The expanding population of Scandinavia led to a shortage of available resources and arable land there and led to a period of Viking expansion , the Norse gradually shifting their attention from plundering to invasion. Modern Shetlanders have almost identical proportions of Scandinavian matrilineal and patrilineal genetic ancestry, suggesting that the islands were settled by both men and women in equal measure. King Olav Tryggvasson summoned the jarl Sigurd the Stout during a visit to Orkney and said, “I order you and all your subjects to be baptised. If you refuse, I’ll have you killed on the spot and I swear I will ravage every island with fire and steel. After his victory King Sverre placed Shetland under direct Norwegian rule, a state of affairs that continued for nearly two centuries. His fleet assembled in Bressay Sound before sailing for Scotland. After the stalemate of the Battle of Largs , Haakon retreated to Orkney, where he died in December , entertained on his deathbed by recitations of the sagas. His death halted any further Norwegian expansion in Scotland and following this ill-fated expedition, the Hebrides and Mann were yielded to the Kingdom of Scotland as a result of the Treaty of Perth , although the Scots recognised continuing Norwegian sovereignty over Orkney and Shetland.

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Prehistoric Shetland The preserved ruins of a wheelhouse and broch at Jarlshof , described as “one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles”. By the end of the 9th century the Scandinavians shifted their attention from plundering to invasion , mainly due to the overpopulation of Scandinavia in comparison to resources and arable land available there.

The colonists gave it that name and established their laws and language. That language evolved into the West Nordic language Norn , which survived into the 19th century.

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The expedition starts in Oban and we sail, via the scenic and bird-rich island of Handa, to the enchanting Orkney Islands. Here we explore the largest island, Mainland, which offers interesting history and charming small towns. The expedition continues to the Shetland Islands, where we are greeted with rich history, beautiful landscapes, characteristic settlements and plenty of sheep.

We leave this astonishing archipelago behind and then head for the dramatic and remote Faroe Islands, located in the middle of the North Atlantic. The islands are still under the sovereignty of Denmark. Orkney, Shetland and Faroe Islands itinerary: Glasgow We arrive in Glasgow and spend a night at a comfortable and centrally located hotel.

In the evening we have time to explore this Scottish city on our own. Our trip to Oban offers magnificent sceneries of the Landscapes, characterised by lochs and bens. In the afternoon we embark the ship and head out on our expedition. The island was once a port for herring and today it hosts a salmon farm. We take a walk and enjoy the magnificent scenery and the breathtaking views.

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The old Shetland name for the Grey Seal is ‘haaf fish’ deep sea fish , because it prefers more open sea conditions, while the Common Seal is known as ‘tang fish’ seaweed fish because of its preference for more sheltered shores and islands. Contrary to expectations, there are fewer Common Seals than Grey Seals in Britain as a whole, with around 28, Common and , Grey. It is possible to age seals quite accurately by counting the growth rings round the roots of the back teeth.

Most of the information about how long seals live comes from seals that have been kept in zoos.

Shetland sheep Archaeologists working on Neolithic digs in Shetland have found the remains of Shetland’s native sheep dating back years. Throughout the early history a dense scrub woodland covered the hinterland of Shetland, which must have made catching small, agile sheep a challenge.

Seabirds nest noisily in their thousands on the cliffs, while otters frequent the inlets and sea lochs. The lochs and bogs provide nesting sites for rare divers and the dainty phalarope. The gannet colonies of Noss and Hermaness are incredible to experience: And everyone loves puffins, right? Well they are seen in many sites around the islands, busily nesting in burrows above the cliffs. For something completely different a midsummer midnight visit to Mousa Broch will reveal thousands of tiny Storm Petrels returning from the sea under the brief cover of darkness to their nests in the ancient tower.

They swirl around the broch like feathered bats, a surreal sight. Tables are bounteous with home baking, sandwiches, pancakes and quiche: Often the Sunday Teas are combined with something else such as a plant sale, a jumble sale or an indoor car boot. They can be wonderfully busy, a great place to meet the locals and contribute to local causes by greedy plate-filling and tea sipping!

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Attractions Beautiful scenery, spectacular wildlife, and a warm welcome awaits you Uncover the inspiration behind Anne Cleaves gritty, iconic crime stories on which the hit TV series is based, such as Eshaness which can boast one of the highest energy coastlines in the world. Blasted by the full force of the North Atlantic it displays a stunning array of stacks, blowholes and geos. Visit the enchanting island of Mousa with its magnificent Iron Age Broch and wonderful wildlife.

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The Shetland Islands is the northernmost province of Britain. The archipelago consists of more than islands, of which only 20 are inhabited. The population today is about The distance to Bergen is ca. The islands demarcate a frontier between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The climate is generally rough, but due to the Gulf Stream winters are relatively mild, while summers are chilly and moist.

The landscape is dominated by large heathery moors. Trees are nowadays a rare sight. The northern isles are mainly composed of granite and gneiss, the eastern and southern of grey and brown sandstone. People today make their living mainly from fishing, sheep breeding and some farming, but the rapid development of the oil industry in the North Sea has also affected the Shetlanders economically.

In addition, tourism has prospered, due to improvements in communication facilities. The Shetland Islands have been inhabited by humans for more than 5 years. At that time, however, the Neolithic Pictish dwellers could enjoy a far warmer climate than today, with forests and arable grassy plains.

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Add to basket Remove from basket Plus Minus Quiet back roads in one of the prettiest parts of Shetland. Apart from the attractive scenery some of the most interesting things in this area are the prehistoric remains. The best of these is the Scord of Brouster settlement near Bridge of Walls.

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About five minutes by car, in fact. Simply walk up a boardwalk beside a dry stone wall next to the lighthouse, look over it and there they all are — so numerous and close you barely need binoculars. Named by Sir Walter Scott, the site is a jumble of ruins and archaeological remains dating from the Stone Age to 17th century and including Viking longhouses. Working out which bit belongs to which era is all part of the fun — for archaeologists and visitors alike.

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Soon after a similar church was built among the Celtic ruins on St. Although built around the same time, the little church on St. During the period of Norse settlement a proliferation of ‘Chapels’! These appeared to have close association with Scattalds, Common pasture ground allocated to crofters and most likely were places where local settlement leaders were prompted to make provision for Christian worship on their own lands, both for themselves and for their neighbours.

The Medieval Churches and Chapels of Shetland. Shetland Archaeological and Historical Society. William was remembered in Orcadian tradition, saga and eccleastical,as the founding bishop of Orkney. Along with Earl Rognvald,between and William went on pilgrimage to the holy land. Bishop William died in Bishop’s Palace, seen from St Magnus Cathedral tower. The ruined structure now looks like a small castle.

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