Print Ancient Origins Guest Writer, William James Veall, completes his Opinion Piece trilogy by cementing together two earlier articles concerning ” The Mysterious Holes of Peru ” and ” Seafarers from the Levant ” with his latest contribution concerning another equally mysterious geoglyph located on the Socos Pampa which lies within Peru’s borders of the Atacama Desert. Evidence taken from iconography and inscriptive material leads William to hypothesize that the three independent features may have been created by the same Trans-Oceanic Peoples from the Continent of West Africa and the Mediterranean Region. As an Archaeoastronomer my primary research interest has always been associated with the famous Nasca Lines. Apart from research to determine if the Nasca Lines were astronomically orientated, I studied the unique surface variation of shales and gravels ‘sand painted’ within and around the gigantic geoglyphs; an art form that goes back many centuries—even to Ancient Egyptian times. However, back in the late 70’s I obtained a copy of an excellent book by author Tony Morrison, entitled “Pathways to the Gods”; this book became my bible for some considerable time. Sea-Farers from the Levant: This geoglyph located on the Socos Pampa, just north of the Nasca Valley, was thought to be a cleared area in the course of elaboration, or perhaps, the stone heaps were the remains of a tally system accounting stores of goods and crops, or labor.

Pampa de Achala

It was composed by Jinasena , a Digambara monk. Bahubali had a son named Somakirti also known as Mahabala. Bharata was gifted the kingdom of Vinita Ayodhya and Bahubali got the kingdom of Asmaka from South India , having Podanapur as its capital.

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Trapezoids Composition The Lines were allegedly made by removing the iron-oxide coated pebbles which cover the surface of the desert. When the gravel is removed, they contrast with the light color underneath. In this way the lines were drawn as furrows of a lighter color. Off the Pampa, south of the Nazca Lines, archaeologists have now uncovered the lost city of the line-builders, Cahuachi.

It was built nearly 2, years ago and mysteriously abandoned years later. Today people sometimes fly in hot air balloons to view the splendors of the Nazca Lines, their energies awakening something within their souls. Theories Toribio Mejia Xespe, a Peruvian doctor and anthropologist was the first scientist, in , to show interest in what he called “great Incan ceremonial artifacts”. Maria Reiche was a German mathematician and archaeologist who was famous for researching the Nazca Lines.

Tamils and Sumerians Among the FIRST to Reach Australia and Antarctica? PART I

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They may prove to be the earliest known evidence of the inhabitants of this region, although they have not been carbon dated yet. Currently, the team have uncovered a total of more than 20, stone objects made by hunter-gatherers at the site, in addition to the latest find. The spearheads themselves appear to have been made both with local materials, such as flint, and resources imported from hundreds of miles away.

Archaeologist Jalh Dulanto Brescia holds up one of the arrowheads found in Peru. More than ancient spearheads were found in the south of Peru, dating between 9, and 12, years old. Jalh Dulanto Brescia Pampa Lechuza—which is located around miles south of the capital Lima—was first discovered in but no excavations were conducted initially. The ancient spearheads will now be analyzed to determine the techniques used to manufacture them before going on display at the Regional Museum of Ica.

Pampa Lechuza is regarded as one of the most important ancient Peruvian sites for finding stone objects from the lithic period.

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The geological history of these, dating back 15 million years, with the formation of a sedimentary basin which was then subjected to enormous strain as a result of horizontal pressure. Elevated basement blocks are reverse faults of approximately north-south direction, west verging, which are composed by metamorphic rock and Igneous of the Neoproterozoic in the Palaeozoic.

Less affected by successive orogenic cycles: In the Tertiary old structures were activated and generated new ones. Along with the strain developed a significant volcanism in the western region and, finally, late in the same era and the beginning of the Quaternary , the whole region was uplifted to build the current ranges.

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A paleoclimatic record from Groundwater Discharge Deposits in southern Atacama is analyzed. In Sierra de Varas SV , three millennial timescale wet climate phases have been characterized: These wet phases are interpreted from intervals of GWD facies formed during periods when the springs were active. GWD intervals alternate with gravelly alluvial material deposited during arid phases.

A trend towards less humid conditions during the Late Holocene wet episode characterizes GWD sedimentary series in Sierra the Varas, suggesting the onset of a dry episode over the last few centuries. A brief arid phase occurred between 1. The paleoclimatic reconstruction encompassing the entire Atacama region shows that both the intensity and occurrence of wetter conditions were governed mainly by the distance to the source of moisture, and secondarily by the elevation of the sites.

The Early Holocene in the southern Atacama was a period of aridity, generating important landscape differences to those in the Northern Atacama where conditions were wetter. Previous article in issue.

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Surface collection of approximately m2 has revealed a substantial Paleoindian occupation of the hilltop. At least 29 fragments of Fell’s Cave stemmed points were known as of , from both Flegenheimer’s surface collection, as well as Madrazo’s collections in the early ‘s. Since Flegenheimer’s project began at the site, several excavations have been completed in various areas around the site.

Local raw materials such as a coarse-grained quartzite, opal, chalcedony, and igneous rocks, make up the rest of the assemblage. Additional excavations 12 m2 were placed in a gridded fashion along the surface of the hilltop, in order to assess the site boundaries and density. Once again, a very large assemblage was recovered.

Caral, or Caral-Chupacigarro, was a large settlement in the Supe Valley, near Supe, Barranca Province, Peru, some kilometres ( mi) north of is the most ancient city of the Americas and a well-studied site of the Norte Chico civilization.. Caral was .

This study was conducted to see if small-scale climatic variations reflected in soil physiology can be correlated across a region. This format was selected as it allows a high level of interactivity and a means of visualizing complex patterns and relationships in the data. First, all data are displayed, followed by three separate PCPs indicating the textural patterns unique to the three individual landforms. Second, three PCPs relate pedogenic soil levels with mean age based on natural breaks.

The alteration of non-pedogenic and pedogenic soils within these three landforms can be viewed as a complex of perturbations [33,37, , , , , ] Recurrent perturbations of the kinds that are structurally coupled with the environment and that support organization of soil as a system are of two kinds: The latter are expressed by packages of spatially and temporally dependent, pedogenically related soils. Each package is bounded by perturbational events that define its beginning and end, exemplified by the resumption of concurrent textural and chemical sorting.

Rates and pathways of organic carbon diagenesis will differ within event-related soil packages and cannot be directly compared to those found in adjacent soil packages even within the same soil profile. Thus, it is not necessarily the case that inert carbon will predominate at lower levels while labile carbon predominates higher up in the profile. The complexes of organic carbon materials are expected to vary throughout the soil profile, depending on the unique pedogenic history of the soil.

This study was conducted as part of paleoclimatic studies for the general Pampa region Frink, personal notes. I unexpectedly found, however, that specific landforms can also be distinguished based on the characterization of their total organic carbon and percent oxidizable content, and the quality of that carbon as expressed by the OCR ratio.

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La Pampa. Datum prijave +.. Datum prijave Datum odjave +.. Datum odjave Potujete poslovno? Da Ne Housed in a building dating from , this holiday home features free WiFi. Rezerviraj zdaj Finca El Descanso La Granja (Blizu: La Pampa) Opis Finca El Descanso is situated in La Granja. The accommodation is 54 km from Cordoba.

Previous geomorphic analysis of these paleo-shorelines has revealed evidence of upper plate deformation and regional uplift. However, in the absence of a robust absolute dating method, these studies contain substantial uncertainties concerning the numerical dating of these marine markers and thus the corresponding calculated surface uplift rates. However, field mapping, surveying the neotectonic features and 10Be dating of abraded surfaces contained within two sequences of marine terraces along this margin should allow for the robust calculation of Pleistocene uplift rates.

The San Juan de Marcona Bay lies on the southern flank of the subducting and south-migrating aseismic Nazca Ridge where the maximum rates of coastal uplift are expected. In this locality, we measure high uplift rates ranging from 0. Margin-parallel normal faults displace several marine terraces and influence the development of bays, thereby contributing to the configuration of paleo- and present-day coastlines.

The presence and activity of these normal faults can be directly linked to subduction zone processes, with the release and accommodation of short-term coseismic compression during megathrust subduction-zone events. Previous article in issue.

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Rajat Ubhaykar What is the most strikingly common feature of prehistoric cultures, from the icy fjords of Norway to the tropical plains of Tamil Nadu? All of them, seemingly independently, struck upon the idea of erecting massive stone structures during the same era in history. These monuments—yes, these are the earliest surviving man-made monuments we know of—are called megaliths, derived from the Latin mega large and lith stone. Megaliths were constructed either as burial sites or commemorative non-sepulchral memorials.

The former are sites with actual burial remains, such as dolmenoid cists box-shaped stone burial chambers , cairn circles stone circles with defined peripheries and capstones distinctive mushroom-shaped burial chambers found mainly in Kerala.

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