Reality is that most Aussies go through a whole life time without ever coming in to contact with one of those really nasty things. Your chances of something happening as a tourist in your short stay here are pretty low, as long as you are sensible and heed local advice, especially in the north where crocodiles and jellyfish can ruin your holiday. Below is a selection of events in which people were not so lucky, but remember you still have more chance being injured in a car accident than by an Australian animal, around people a year die in traffic in Australia. And forget about snakes and spiders being scary, the statistics below show that the most likely injury is to come from dogs and horses! According to statistics from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit, no less than 28, Victorians were injured by animals between July and June , that is nearly 10 a year. Almost Victorians have been taken to hospital during this time after being attacked by dogs. Horses were second, killing two people and injuring a further Mosquito bites also killed two people and sent more to hospital. Am amazing Victorians were hurt by creepy-crawlies, including spiders, bees, wasps, ticks, ants, centipedes and even scorpions. Some more unusual statistics:

A woman had stomach pains. Doctors found it was something she swallowed – a decade ago

Relentlessly battered by fierce Atlantic winds, the islands can seem a hostile environment and an unappealing proposition, particularly if you happen to be stuck there on a wet Sunday without your own means of transport. Much of the interior is bleak peat bog, rocks and endless tiny lochs, and the long, straggling crofting communities only add to the feeling of desolation. But there are also miles of superb beaches, wild mountain scenery, numerous archaeological treasures and long hours of summer daylight in which to appreciate it all.

Despite the frequency of transport connections with the mainland, the Outer Hebrides remain remote in every sense. Unlike Skye and the Inner Hebrides, tourism is of far less importance to the local economy.

Great beaches, great places to ride, though they need to learn how to repair roads here, great food and enough eye candy to keep one well and truly satiated in a relaxed environment to take it all in.

A thin metallic wire is lodged in a woman’s intestines. BMJ Case Reports Doctors at a hospital in Perth were bewildered when a year-old woman showed up with intense stomach pains. Her heart rate was faster than normal, and the membrane lining her abdominal wall was inflamed. But her vital signs, laboratory tests, ultrasound and a scan of her liver, gall bladder and bile ducts were all normal.

The woman had not had surgery recently, which eliminated the possibility that a surgeon accidentally left a foreign object inside her. But a CT scan revealed that a thin, metallic wire was lodged in her intestines. That object, a little more than six centimetres long, was a dental brace wire that the woman used to wear, her doctors said.

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Home to the remains of an 18th century fishing settlement and the ruins of a battle-ravaged stone fortress, Canso Islands National Historic Site welcomes curious explorers upon its windswept shores to journey through the history that forged a nation. As you hug the world-famous Cabot Trail coastline you’ll wind through Cape Breton Highlands National Park, where lush, forested river canyons carve into the ancient plateau, edged by rust-coloured cliffs.

Keep your eyes open for moose and bald eagles. You might even catch a minke or pilot whale breaking waves in the Atlantic, or Gulf of St.

The Tel Aviv beaches stretch along the entire west side of the city. The Mediterranean Sea is the host for all of those beaches. The main bathing season is between May-Sep/Oct when the water temperature is nice and relatively warm.

We study petrography and geochemistry of shallow marine concretions in the Adriatic. Abstract A peculiar type of marine rocky outcrops is generated under temperate conditions through the cementation of carbonate and siliciclastic sediments on the northwestern Adriatic shelf. These buildups have been often described as beachrock. More recently, an alternative genetic mechanism, implying precipitation of carbonate cements in the marine phreatic zone, has been hypothesized for the rocky outcrops off the coast of Chioggia south of Venice.

These rocky outcrops are settled along the levee of meandering channels inherited from Pleistocene fluvial systems. Petrographic analyses of the Chioggia rocky outcrops allowed distinguishing three 3 main lithofacies: These lithofacies have a common substrate mainly made by allochemic sandstone and sandy allochem limestone consisting in rounded grains of limestones and dolostones.

The host sediments are cemented by a thin micrite coating followed by isopachous rims of scalenohedral and bladed calcite. Geochemical analyses revealed a sensible decrease in Mg contents between the early and late generations of isopachous cements. Vadose cements are missing suggesting that the precipitation of calcite cements occurred in marine phreatic zone without supra-tidal exposure.

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Larger text size Very large text size The thought of being investigated for prostate cancer terrified Paul Davies. About a year ago, Mr Davies was told to see a urologist about a high PSA prostate-specific antigen blood test. Having watched a friend go through a prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, he knew it could involve painful biopsies that carry an infection risk, and surgery that might lead to incontinence and sexual dysfunction. Paul Davies was relieved when an MRI showed his enlarged prostate could be treated with medication.

and the beaches where they moult and breed, these animals spend % of their time submerged (3). They follow a pattern of long, deep, continuous dives interspersed with brief Anatomical observations of seals dating back to the s consistently remark on the size Northern elephant seal spleen volume during rest. Northern elephant.

The rocks are now roosts for cormorants and oystercatchers, among other shorebirds. Northern River Otter River otters Lotra canadensis are a semi-aquatic, carnivorous member of the weasel family. Though they may look cute and cuddly, these charismatic mammals are bigger than you may think. They can weigh between 10 and 30 pounds and measure up to 4 feet long. River otters are curious by nature and will sometimes approach people.

Although this may seem charming, for your safety please keep a safe distance.

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Winter-spring for whale watching , summer-fall for best weather The Pacific Coast Scenic Byways Skip Image Map The Pacific Coast Scenic Byway traces the entire Oregon coastline along Highway , bringing travelers to the sea and away again, winding past marshes, seaside cliffs, lush agricultural valleys, and wind-sculpted dunes.

The northern half of the Byway is marked by majestic temperate rainforests, a rugged, rocky coastline and resort towns that cater to urban dwellers from Portland. Further south, the coast becomes gentler, with cliffs giving way sandy beaches and farmland. Along the way, sea-stack rock formations, pounding surf and picturesque lighthouses make for truly awesome scenery; in fact, the Oregon coast is one of the most photographed regions in the nation.

Peninsula Medical Imaging is located in the RSL ANZAC Village (The War Vets) at Collaroy Plateau on Sydney’s northern beaches. Peter has over 25years experience in x .

Vaccinations No vaccinations are required for entry into Germany. However, between spring and autumn there is an increased risk of contracting illnesses caused by ticks, such as Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis TBE. Ticks are usually found in ground-covering vegetation. The best protection against them is to wear clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible.

If you are bitten, you should seek medical attention as a precaution. In these areas, TBE vaccinations are recommended for anyone likely to spend a lot of time outdoors. Religion Around two thirds of Germany’s population are Christian. They are fairly evenly split between Protestants and Catholics, but there are more Protestants in northern Germany, while the South has more Catholics.

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Hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography usually shortened to HyCoSy is a simple and well-tolerated outpatient ultrasound procedure used to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes, as well as detect abnormalities of the uterus and endometrium. The test requires the use of a contrast agent to visualise the patency of the fallopian tubes. Some women will require the use of a non-iodinated contrast agent called ExEm Foam the HyCoSy procedure previously used a contrast agent called Levovist, however this product is no longer available.

No radiation or iodinated contrast material is used for a HyCoSy test. Investigation of infertility is the main reason for a woman to be referred for a HyCoSy procedure.

O‘ahu is the third largest Hawaiian island with km of general coastline that contours a highly irregular shape that was greatly influenced by two massive landslides, that removed ~1/3 of the northeastern portion of the island and aproximately 1/2 of the western side.

It’s a very hidden beach lying just below the north face of Yaquina Head, really only accessible from a long walk from Moolack Beach, perhaps about a mile. Meanwhile, at your feet are a host of starfish colonies and other tide pool beasties that will delight you for hours. The cliffs here have strange and abrupt diagonal lines in them, giving the impression some massive geologic cataclysm occurred here.

It could well have. There is a fascinating document written in as a visitors guide to geology of the area that explains much about this engaging spot. It was written by Parke D. Snavely passed away in and has a USGS research vessel now named after him. If this place could speak, it would freak you out.

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Climate[ edit ] The climate of the continental United States varies considerably across the country due to differences in latitude and various geographic features. The Southern and South Central portions of the country contain a variety of humid subtropical climates, for which the northernmost terminus is around the Ohio river and environs.

This area of the United States has long, hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters on average. The Entire eastern half of the United States often succumbs to very hot weather during the summer with high humidity. In the southern portions of the southern states, a number of tropical-transitional climates are found, with Florida and southern Texas hosting a variety of tropical climates. The Midwest region hosts a variety of climates, from humid subtropical in the southern regions, to a warm temperate regime in the central portions, and a humid continental regimes in the more northerly areas of the region.

Travel 9 Surreal Sights in Scotland You Can’t Miss in The northernmost country in the U.K. features some of the most magical rivers, lakes, beaches, and craggy peaks on the planet.

The Mediterranean Sea is the host for all of those beaches. Tel Aviv beaches stretching along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Or better yet – play it yourself with a friend or some random person most Israelis are always up for a game of Matkot. Alongside all the beaches is the long promenade tayelet in Hebrew that features plenty of restaurants and beach bars.

Here is the list of beaches from north to south accompanied by a short description, which should help you choose the beach that best fits you: Hatzuk and Tel Baruch Beaches These two beaches are at the north end of the city.

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Those words were repeated over and over again — a recent trip to the Queensland Gold Coast beaches proved this just after some stormy weather. After a quick inspection of the damage done by the rough seas I found that the sand dunes had been undercut at a point where literally thousands of people had previously been. Returning to the car to collect my metal detector, I went back to the spot and adjusted it to the ground conditions, as there was a fair bit of black sand deposited on the beach.

Within 15 seconds, I had found my first coin, and then another and another — the detector just went crazy!

The smallest country in the Nordic region is one of the most spectacular largely due to over a millennium’s worth of history, and it boasts an appealing mixture of sociable locals, vibrant cities, beautiful farmland, idyllic countryside, and white sandy beaches.

Sargeant Jake Hill drives the jeep. The trouble-shooting stand by day and night with extra wire, a test telephone, and repair equipment, ready to repair any damage to the lines. The Leatherneck tankmen fought a battle with Japs hidden in the concrete building at which the turret gun is pointing. A gaping hole in the side wall is evidence of a direct hit by one of the shells from the tank.

Tarawa Airport Under Seige. Notice Truck Pioneer Tool Rack with ax, shovel, and pick ax bolted to passenger side of the heavily loaded jeep. Notice shovel and ax. Eddie Rickenbacker rides in a jeep after his rescue. At a South Pacific base a few hours after his recent rescue from a life raft on which he floated for three weeks, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker right flashes his famous smile on his way to a meal of soup and ice cream. Marines march ashore as they arrive in six landing crafts at Cape Gloucester on the northwestern coast of New Britain Island, New Guinea.

The Allied forces made a second big invasion operation of the Japanese occupied island in an attempt to capture the big air base of Rabual, on the southwestern coast of the island. A landing force composed of the 4th Marines landed on Emirau Island, the second largest of the St. The former army jeep is painted battleship grey.

Weeks 10 to 12 update – Migraines, Nosebleeds and Dating Scan!!