A modern, welcoming and multicultural city, Brisbane and its surrounds is renowned for its subtropical outdoor lifestyle and friendly locals. One of the fastest-growing capital cities in Australia, Brisbane residents are young, skilled, highly educated and culturally diverse. The city offers a cosmopolitan urban lifestyle, with weekend getaways from coastal escapes to rural retreats a short drive away. The city continues to be become more globally connected, with increasing transportation links and flights to the Asia-Pacific. It is also the closest major Australian capital city to Asia. Living in Greater Brisbane There are five main urban centres which you may choose to live in, each with their own local council.

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Mitigation of the effects associated with such changes is only possible if information on the spatial provenance and dominant types of erosion is known. To date, very few field-based studies have attempted to provide this information. A Monte Carlo style mixing model is used to predict the relative contribution of both the spatial geological sources and erosion types. The results indicate that sheetwash and rill erosion from cultivated basaltic land and channel erosion from non-basaltic parts of the catchment are currently contributing most sediment to the river system.

Evidence indicates that the dominant form of channel erosion is gully headcut and sidewall erosion. Sheetwash and rill erosion from uncultivated land i.

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Meanwhile, only km away, the Sunshine Coast braces for possible storms. The stormy skies in the state capital will come after it too basked in sunshine on Friday and Saturday ‘It will probably be a better chance for showers tomorrow and pretty cool as well. Crowds gathered to escape the heat at Streets Beach in the the city’s South Bank Parklands as they sweated through temperatures of 32C on Friday.

Overall, the cropping season is looking like one of the 10 driest on record,’ climatologist Felicity Gamble told Daily Mail Australia. The record-breaking dry spell could be a sign of things to come. The Bureau of Meterology has predicted higher than average temperatures throughout the summer months for nearly the entire country. The heatwave brings with it particularly grim conditions for the country’s farmers, who have been suffering through a major drought.

Min 13, Max 22 Tuesday: Min 14, Max 25 Wendesday:

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Indigenous Australians are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia, descended from groups that existed in Australia and surrounding islands before British colonisation. The time of arrival of the first Indigenous Australians is a matter of debate among researchers.

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By Ariel Bogle Tuesday, June 23 2: Police announced on Tuesday the intimate photos of more than Queensland women had been leaked online. The nude and revealing photos appeared on a New Zealand-based online storage service, the Brisbane Times reported. The names and locations of many women were also posted. Queensland Fraud and Cyber Crime Group Detective Superintendent Brian Hay told the newspaper law enforcement could not investigate until a complaint was filed, but that serious criminal charges could be made if anyone was found to have shared the photos of women under the age of sixteen.

It’S a not-for-profit organisation that has a history with Central Queensland dating back to the s and later this year, it will be offering extra services to the region’s bush kids. BUSHkids Find out more.

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Retrieved Nov 17 from https: There has been a long interest in the burial practices of the Central Queensland Highlands, most notably the burial of the deceased in often highly decorated bark coffins. This has led to considerable speculation as to the antiquity of this burial custom, with some suggesting that it is a recent response to European settlement and influences in the region from around the s.

Often described as Queensland’s Uluru, its commanding presence is central to the beauty of Mt Mulligan Station. The working cattle station, a two and half hour drive west of Cairns, has embraced tourism by turning its pretty weir into a camp ground and allowing bush camping along its .

Eligibility for honours is based on your GPA. For details refer to the Program Rules for the honours program. Programs and Courses If you’re a current student who has already commenced study at UQ, refer to Programs and Courses in my. UQ for full information about your program structure, rules and requirements. When you graduate, any majors, dual majors and extended majors you have completed will be listed on your degree certificate. Minors are only listed on academic transcripts.

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You can read the full news article now by clicking here: BUSHkids celebrate 80 years Here are two galleries of photo

Dating Photos Buy Photos Video Find your local. Search by keyword Search by location News The Central Telegraph is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a $ gift voucher this Christmas. Sport Young swimmers from all over Central Queensland competed in at the Biloela Open.

Take a closer look at the electorates, candidates and key seats. She denied there was a conflict of interest and said her decision to exercise her government’s “veto” to not support the loan came as the Liberal National Party LNP in Canberra was poised to launch a smear campaign against her in the run-down to the November 25 state election. Adani’s election shadow The Premier’s decision to veto a NAIF loan would seem to be a body blow to the mining project, because Adani would have to seek finance elsewhere for the rail line.

In May the company told 7. However the situation is confused by the Queensland election campaign, because Ms Palaszczuk can’t use her power of veto in caretaker mode, and LNP leader Tim Nicholls won’t agree. So the Adani project, which was already a major issue for the November 25 election, takes on even greater political significance. Adani hasn’t yet responded to requests for further comment. Advice sought from the Integrity Commissioner, to “avoid conflicts of interest in Shaun’s role and in my job as Premier of Queensland”, had cleared her of any wrongdoing, she said.

Ms Palaszczuk said her partner’s work for PwC was commercial-in-confidence, and so she had not known he was working on the Adani loan application because they had not discussed it. Take a look at what some of our readers had to say about Ms Palaszczuk withdrawing her Government’s involvement in funding Adani. Tim Nicholls says the Premier has “put thousands of jobs at risk with this extraordinary backflip”.

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Normanton Unusual and fascinating town near the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Normanton is a genuinely delightful town with an excess of old world charm. Located km west of Cairns and km west of Townsville it started life as a port for the Gulf of Carpentaria’s cattle industry and grew in importance with the discovery of gold at Croydon in The next Europeans through the area were Burke and Wills who made their final dash to the Gulf or, more correctly, to the mangrove swamps somewhere near the edge of the Gulf only 26 km west of the town.

The location of Burke and Wills last northern camp is signposted on the main Normanton-Burketown road.

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Supercell thunderstorms will be a possibility over south east Queensland and New South Wales. By tomorrow, the clouds and drizzle could well have returned. But if you’re further north in New South Wales and in Queensland, you’ll have more to worry about than rain – the sunshine state could be about to become the supercell state. Forecasters have said a “storm outbreak” could bring ferocious weather delivering a drenching combined with damaging winds and hail.

From 50mm to around mm of rain could fall in parts of Queensland and up to 25mm down the NSW coast and into Victoria. Low pressure systems have also brought rain to Western Australia and the southern states including across Melbourne and Hobart. Despite the wet weather, meteorologists have cautioned that the drought is still far from over and with Australia now on “El Nino alert” there’s actually a higher likelihood of drier conditions across the country.

But it’s the unfolding weather drama in Queensland and northern NSW that has forecasters watching their weather maps. He said wind shear was a major factor in the storms that was leading to larger and more “organised” storms, called supercells. Supercharged thunderstorms, supercells are rotating systems that can lead to heavier rain, more damaging winds and larger hail.

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How an Australian sheep farmer discovered a new species of giant dinosaur The 95m-year-old savannasaurus specimen, nicknamed Wade, was found by Elliott, who runs the Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum on his farm near Winton. It documents a series of other dinosaur discoveries dating back nearly 20 years. I thought it was a theropod dinosaur, actually — it looked like a bit of a limb bone.

I was really excited about it. It turned out to be a sauropod.

According to a local Channel 7 news report, two men in Central Queensland have been arrested at Shoalwater Bay for allegedly ‘disrupting military training exercises’. by running around.

What’s flowering in Central Queensland? One is a creeper called Petrea volubilis, or Purple Wreath and the other a tree called Schotia brachypetala or Parrot Tree. Probably one of the best floral displays you will find in Rockhampton at the moment can be seen in Brae Streets not far from the Botanic Gardens. This woody creeper does require a trellis or fence for support, and when flowering, the racemes of blue and violet flowers are truly spectacular.

After the Petrea flower fall the dusty blue calyx remains on the stalks for weeks later, giving another colourful display. When the Petrea is not in flower, the soft green foliage has an attractive appearance, and upon closer inspection, resembles sandpaper. From a distance this native of Central America is often mistaken for Wisteria, and I would suggest that it is a much more suitable plant for this area.

When selecting positions to grow this plant, remember it requires rich, well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine. While just about every garden book available suggests this plant be grown in a sheltered position with warm sunlight, away from strong wind and protected from frost, some of Rockhampton’s most attractive specimens couldn’t be in more exposed positions. The specimen in Brae Street has a north-westerly aspect, exposing it not only to wind, but also to the heat of the summer sun.

Petreas require regular watering, but it is important to reduce it considerably when the plant is not in full growth, i. The most recommended time for pruning is early spring, though I have always found that this destroys the plants ability to give the very best display.

What’s flowering in Central Queensland?

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New species is a prickly customer 13 October A University of Queensland PhD student has discovered an ancient and remarkable species of leaf-tailed gecko in a remote area north-west of Townsville, in North Queensland. Mr Hoskin has already expressed concern for the new species, which he said under current international conservation criteria warranted an endangered listing.

He said the Gulbaru gecko was a spectacular creature that was prickly and large — about 13cm long — and new to science. However, unlike most geckos, it has no pads on its skinny fingers, so it cannot climb windows like the common household geckos can. Instead it has sharp claws for climbing rocks. In he was with a UQ group checking skink populations and during a nocturnal search of the area to look for geckos he was confronted by a pair of red eyes glowing in the dark.

It was the Gulbaru gecko, an obviously different species which on genetic examination, proved to be more closely related to leaf-tailed geckos from the Mackay area than the Mt Elliot gecko Phyllurus amnicola he previously discovered. Mr Hoskin said molecular data showed that leaf-tailed geckos represented ancient lineages which could be traced up to 74 million years ago, with closely related species in central Queensland dating to 38 million years ago.

The Gulbaru gecko and other leaf-tailed geckos appeared to be Gondwanan, and related to gecko species in New Zealand and New Caledonia. Only two small sub-populations of the Gulbaru gecko were known to exist, both in rocky rainforest areas surrounded by open eucalypt forests, very little of which is protected. In reality it is probably a lot less than this as within this area it is very patchily distributed across rocky gullies. Our surveys indicate that the species probably occurs in two subpopulations near Townsville separated by an expanse of unsuitable habitat.

Since this species was discovered, much suitable habitat has already been destroyed by severe burning. The destruction of habitat by unmanaged burning continues to reduce and further fragment the available habitat.

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