Robert Pattinson, for example. So anyway, without further ado let’s get started There are 7 different celebrities you can become. Good luck and may the force be with you! Completed 0 of 10 questions. Blood Some low-fat chocolate bar. Don’t wanna ruin my gorgeous figure!

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So, my prediction is the same — Tories get most votes, but Labour better placed to form a government. Then a long spell of political and perhaps constitutional chaos. I smell it in the air. The world of British politics has certainly changed.

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Domestically, mass shootings caused heartbreak and continuing the debate between those calling for stricter gun control and others arguing for the right to bear arms. Here is a list of some of the biggest news stories of Charlie Hebdo Attack in Paris Terror struck in Paris one week into the New Year when a group of men with extensive ties to terrorist organizations targeted the offices of a famed satirical newspaper.

Two men shot their way into the offices of Charlie Hebdo while a third waited near the getaway car. The shooters forced their way into the publication’s offices, killing a maintenance man and police bodyguard assigned to protect the editor after he received death threats. Once arriving at the office, they proceeded to kill nine others, mostly editorial staff gathered for their weekly meeting, injuring an additional A faction of al Qaeda claimed responsibility.

The attacks continued in France for two more days, taking the lives of six others, including two police officers and four people held hostage at a kosher grocery store in Paris. The three perpetrators also died. A screengrab taken from an AFP TV video on March 24, shows search and rescue personnel making their way to the crash site of the Germanwings Airbus A that crashed in the French Alps above the southeastern town of Seyne.

The recording from inside the cockpit of Germanwings Flight during the March 24 flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf indicated that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked the lead pilot out of the cockpit during a break and proceeded to direct the plane toward the mountains of the French Alps , killing all passengers and crew on board. The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin led to the creation of BlackLivesMatter in , and the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner among others by police officers in Missouri and New York, respectively, carried the outrage through It was the deaths of Walter Scott and Freddie Gray , both at the hands of police officers, that fueled the outcry in Scott was fatally shot by a police officer following a traffic stop in South Carolina on April 4.

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Fret not as these gems are loaded with some tasty treats of their own. They may not all bear the very same features that were found in the famous game that was once present on TeenNick but the suggestions strewn across this space will indeed have you occupied for hours on end. Go on and take a look. Glamour and glitz are exactly what you can expect to see in our first inclusion. Mainly aimed at the teenage niche, this title is looked upon as an online social entertainment space where visitors can leave their real life woes behind and stay engrossed in a new virtual one.

So, better get started, Friends superfan! Tell us, ‘Who Said It?’ Or, see if you can remember the Friends pilot episode well enough to ace the quiz about it. Or, impress us with how much you know about Chandler’s job. – 17, takers Take this quiz to find out if you are! Friends Quiz.

Not as naughty as 3, but close. Higher-than-average percentage of female to male members. Wild and experimental member base, with a high percentage of females. Large member base, high percentage of real profiles. Did too many drinks lead to this encounter or have you been interested in connecting with someone lately? This initial step begins with you. If this was only about satisfying your physical desires then you may find it difficult to take this thing to the next step.

If this was about your need for something else, like companionship or an emotional need, then you may be on to something. This suggests that you chose this person based on something that is more likely to last over time. That means having a conversation. Communicate This step will probably be a lot easier if you have a history with this person.

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Entrants who win the drawing will receive a nominal prize in recognition of their fish identification skills and regulation knowledge. Select any of the quizzes below, and see how well you know your California marine fishes and fishing regulations! Marine Management News Fish Identification Quiz November This fish begins its life journey in shallow waters near shore during the spring and early summer months.

‎ Jana Susan Paley ‎ to Sarasota History & the SRQ Quiz June 22, Many of you will be fascinated to learn that the woman many of us know as “The Shark Lady,” Eugenie Clark, grew up .

It’s not often that someone becomes a cover model and a trending topic on social media and breaks a Guinness World Record for fastest Twitter account to reach 1 million followers. But many were quick to point out that there’s still a lot of work to be done for transgender equality. As transgender activists noted on social media, Jenner’s experience is far from the reality of most transgender people, who can only dream of experiencing the same support from their families and society.

Yeah it’s great the media is paying attention to trans women. But Caitlyn Jenner and the reality of most trans women are worlds apart — Sophia Banks sophiaphotos June 1, Sending all my love to my trans sisters who didn’t get this sort of beautiful welcoming from the world. You deserve to be celebrated too. Broadus, director of the group’s Transgender Civil Rights Project.

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It was just over 10 years ago, on January 18, , that Paramount released the original Cloverfield, a low-budget, found-footage monster film produced by J. Abrams, written by Drew Goddard, and directed by Matt Reeves. The teaser concluded with the release date— —but the name of the film was withheld.

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A Baby Boomer looks at health, finance, retirement, grown-up children and As anyone who visits this blog knows, my beloved B, aka Bridge, is a librarian. She spends her days in the children’s room reading to kids, helping them find books, and creating all kinds of programs to engage their interest, enrich their minds, and.

Which MKR judge would Katie & Nikki rather hook up with? 2 Mar 1 min read: Pentatonix’s cover of ‘Ride’ will be the best thing you hear all day. Read More. music. Mike Posner’s Nova’s Red Room performance. 30 Jun 23 min read.

The best and most accurate test there is! Try it out now and you will see. Resuro published on September 05, responses 12 4. The dish with the weirdest name and ingredients. Who cares abou the food, straight to the cocktails! First rounds on me!

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Do you care only about the panels? Only about getting certain items on the floor? Just want to take it all in? The very first thing we suggest doing is deciding what you want to do while you are in San Diego, because you will have to make some difficult decisions when panels start to overlap. Then you’re not running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Jul 07,  · Line up, nerds! It’s Comic-Con week. If this is not your first time down at the ‘Con, then you know that nobody actually calls it the “‘Con.” That was a test. You passed. As for you first-timers.

Check out this list of celebrities and their cars we offer this list as a sampling, not an exhaustive list. Ryan Gosling — Drives a black Toyota Prius. Simon Cowell drives a million dollar Bugatti Veyron. Charlize Theron — Tools around town in a Range Rover. Jessica Simpson — Drives a white Escalade. Julia Roberts — Drives a Toyota Prius.

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