We are in the throes of costume preparation at Frugal. Day of the Dead? Layers of earth tone shirts and light pants with a belt or two. Crisscross some laces or twine up the lower legs. Brightly flowered dress, flowers at the crown of your head, eyeliner pencil uni-brow. Any theme, any period. Rip the clothes, green-tint the skin, dark-circle the eyes. Pajamas, robe, teddy bear. Suit, tie, glasses, ear wire. Lose the ear wire, instant Blues Brothers.

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Vintage Chucks Vintage chucks had a name label printed inside the tongue. Although the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor high top basketball shoe has remained virtually unchanged since Chuck Taylor made his modifications in their design during the s and 40s, there are some subtle differences in the way the shoes are manufactured and sold today. One difference is that today there no longer is a name label printed inside the tongue. Vintage chucks had wider spacing between the side eyelets and smaller toe caps.

There are also some differences on the outside of the shoe.

The first thing you should look for when inspecting vintage jeans is whether it’s a selvedge denim. If so, the jeans are likely to be produced before the mids. If so, the jeans are likely to be produced before the mids.

Well, there are a few people who make it their business to do just that. Vintage dealers spend their days researching, hunting for, and curating pieces for their boutiques , so naturally, they have a few favorite labels they snatch up when they can. We talked to three dealers to tap into their expert knowledge: I really love Indian cotton tops, skirts, and dresses from Adini, Phool, and Anokhi.

They are so paper-thin with beautiful silhouettes, floral prints, and even hand-stamped gold paint. Popular styles and designers can lose or gain popularity almost overnight, but Chanel is a brand which really holds its value best. The right designs can be excellent investment pieces and they also should be cherished. Over the years, I tend to fall in love with specific pieces as opposed to all of the designs from one designer.

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But it’s also handy to have other tricks up your sleeve. There’s something quite satisfying, when someone gawps at your jumper or quizzes you on your dress, to be able to fill them in on your latest fashion discovery- especially when it’s not just a little known brand, but also affordable. So here we go. The cat’s out of the bag. Weekday What’s the story?

Vintage couture clothing and accessories from the great designers of fashion, sourced by experts. Authentic luxury and quality since

I’ve rounded up the most important tips I’ve found as a vintage shop owner about how to date your vintage finds. When I was setting up my business, I really wanted to finding the best and most reliable resources so I could offer the best possible product to my customers. My day job is business research, so it was easy to find a lot of great sources. I read a ton of books and talked to lots of people. Since then, I’ve practiced on hundreds and hundreds of items.

So I hope you’ll use these ideas with confidence. I’ve also included other sources to contact at the bottom of the page. First, what is the silhouette of the garment? In other words, what’s its general shape? A dress with a tiny waist and huge, below-knee skirt screams s, while a slim-fit dress with huge shoulder pads is probably from the s. See the “Retro Fashion History” and “Vintage Fashion and Art” links below to learn more about silhouettes and see lots of great photos by decade.

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Dating Chanel bottles The second bottle just arrived, I’ll try to get some photos up tomorrow. Dark juice, bottle smells like heaven anyway, even unopened. Exterior box a bit worn, interior box still tightly wrapped in yellowed cellophane.

To answer these questions and more, we enlisted Doris Raymond, who has been buying and selling vintage clothing for over 30 years at her Los Angeles store, The Way We Wore, a veritable mecca for.

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Vintage chucks had wider spacing between the side eyelets and smaller toe caps. There are also some differences on the outside of the shoe. The two side eyelets on the inside of each shoe were wider apart than they are today, the rubber toe caps were smaller, the thread stitching around the toe cap had a differenct pattern, and the rubber.

It is fun to learn the history and origin of old cast iron cookware. It can also be a huge learning curve. Here are tips to help you with your research as you venture into the world of vintage cast iron skillet identification. This is an overview; there are many ins and outs and exceptions, of course. The Internet has opened up a myriad of ways to identify cast iron. Be as descriptive as you can when doing your search.

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This is my wearable muslin of the heavy wool coat I have been working on. As I suspected, a swing coat was something I desperately needed in my closet! And I would love to have another. What I came up with was this green dress made up way back in using a vintage reproduction pattern purchased from Eva Dress. It doesn’t get much wear, and, like so many things that I made many years ago, there are things that I would change if I were to stitch this together today.

But overall, I am very pleased with this garment.

Humana’s range of second-hand clothes (often hardly worn and from top-end labels) takes some beating, and it has a solid vintage offering, although prices tend .

Being very sick recently, I am quite behind my plan to prepare my vintage style wardrobe for winter. I have an old long princess seam coat I bought some years ago which goes well with a s outfit, as well as a short one I bought 20 years ago that had rather wide shoulders and strangely is a nice example of an early s does s garment. I’m still amazed by the quality that is much better than the younger coat. Nonetheless, both are not in the best condition anymore, having been worn for many years.

I intended to make my own coat, but I should have started earlier. If I begin now, the coat would be finished in spring. So both my old coats will probably have to last for another winter, but looking ahead I try to figure out some styles that very popular for women’s winter outfits. This would also help me with the question what women used to wear with and underneath their coats, the scarfs, hats, and especially the shoes.

First of all, I certainly don’t want to kick off a discussions about the ethics of our way of life in general and about wearing fur in particular. I found our that women of all social classes used to wear much a lot more fur coats or at least fur accessories and details than today. For collars, cuffs, hats and purses were rather common.

3 Ways to Identify Vintage Levi’s® Jeans

Contact Welcome to the Thrifty Gent Looking sharp doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. By shopping thrift stores, sales and searching for bargains online you can look like a million bucks on a relatively low budget. Deciphering Brooks Brothers labels Those who know me well know I have two areas of particular affection when it comes to clothing: Brooks Brothers and vintage clothes.

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Welcome to The Vintage Stylist Lucie Ann of Beverly Hills was a very reputable lingerie and “loungewear” company that began in by Lucie Ann Onderwyzer. She was a designer who held a special passion for lingerie filled with luxury. You can tell she was meticulous in her fashions by looking at her use of materials in her creations, such as this one, I luckily still have the rare opportunity to own. Take a look here at the looped bead detail she used on the bell sleeve of this beauty: Lucie Ann was noted for using nylon fabric in her designs as well as “marabou” – which is the proper design term for feathers like on a boa.

On this particular one, she cleverly makes it super sexy and appealing with its plunging neckline but smartly allows the lady to feel covered by adding this nude placket of nylon fabric I am showing off below: She was so passionate about her designs and over the top sex appeal as well as located in the proper area to begin getting noticed by the infamous Beverly Hills TV and movie stars.

Most notably, Eva Gabor often was seen on the tv show “Green Acres” flowing around her ranch home wearing Lucie Ann’s frothy gowns. Here she is wearing Lucie Ann of Beverly Hills originals in these clips: She wore them well, didn’t she?

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