Anyone else have any ideas? Wes Ken Roach April 12th, , It shouldn’t be important in this particular application with the MOXA device. Hardware handshaking isn’t required for this application because you don’t have a modem or a small buffer so let’s not use it. I know you’ve been changing things around trying to get this to work, but with the settings you posted there’s no way you should have been able to go online with the SLC using the serial port! That’s default out-of-the-box DF1 Full Duplex. Ken Roach April 12th, , Here below is the settings as you guys have specified. I have tried every cable I have, just in case I have a bad cable or something. I seem to get a connection between the SLC and the NPort as when I connect the two with a nulled serial cable, the DSR bit on the line status area on the Monitor screen changes from lower case to uppercase.

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Buy CF-SLC3A LUMINENT view datasheet,manufacturer,stock at Jotrin the manufacturer,stock,datasheet pdf for the CF-SLC3A.

With RCAyou basically have two wires that run the video and two that are power for the device yellow and grnd. You also have white and black for audio. All of these can be wired by yourself. The leadsshield will come off and you attach the wires to the two parts of the plug. One usually is screwed to the central probe and one to the shield grnd.

The BNC is a usb type device that has from a few wires to about These can be seperaed out from its cable and if you know their wiring scheme cam assign RCAs to each wire and then plug it into the apropreate device or plug. For the two cameras that I have Runcam and Mobius there are 5 wires to the usb. Power, grnd, audio, and video and one unused wire. This wire is shorted out to the video so that when it is turned on it tells the camera to output the video to the cable.

The bnc is for wireless setups and they are very expensive for now anyway I took my board camera and hooked a RCA for the video they come with a cable that gives you the video out I ran a short cable to the cable from the monitor to the original camera that came with the setup a small tvl camera This cable was a 4 wire cable, power, audio, video, and grnd. Cut that connector off and separate the wires. I had to turn the monitor on and use the 12volt setting on the multimeter and run the other lead to grnd.

Any reading tells you it is the power wire so I hook that to the power lead to the board camera.

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Exhibited at our in-house exhibition in Straubing! In the past, special-purpose equipment always had to be attached to a base machine. Blast furnace slag is a by-product of crude iron and steel extraction that floats on top of the liquid metal. The hardened slag has to be removed from the ladle after casting so it can be refilled. This is where ladle cleaners are used.

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It’s the one on the left, with the HID Factory lighting upgrade. In the middle is a stock Corrado and on the right is a Corrado with Euro-spec H4 headlamps. I’d lived with it every night since Project Corrado found its way to my garage, albeit at a rather dangerous price. Given the higher performance direction my Corrado was taking, it was time for a change. I was seriously overdriving the car at night, the stock headlamps little more than flashlights peering into the blackness.

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How to Connect to an Allen Bradley Micrologix using RS DF1 If at the end of this article you still need a little more help, there is a link at the bottom to a video that shows this entire process explained in this article. For some reason, Allen Bradley requires two software packages to communicate with its family of PLCs. This tutorial will cover connecting to a Micrologix configured as DF1.

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Sorry for my terminology issues. I will try it again. Since I have better quality speakers in my machine. Which option is better A, B or C? I do not have lots of money, but not really trying to run several machines through one sub. Just trying to achieve the best sound quality possible, presently. A Should I disconnect the speakers wire inputs from all speakers in my pin and tie into the Polk amp Input in there through the Polk amp output back to all the pin’s speakers?

Amplifying all speakers through Polk Sub?

VW Corrado SLC: Part 5

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The PLC was designed specially for this purpose and offers the possibility of a flexible configuration by means of hardware and software to be adapted to the machine or process which needs to be controlled. Analog signals such as pressure and temperature from the process are evaluated by the PLC and based on these signals the process is controlled by the PLC. Analog signals need to be connected to the PLC and configured. Because of the modular design and configuration of the PLC many things can go wrong.

This article gives some guidelines. Determine how to connect the sensor to the PLC. Most analog inputs on PLC systems support voltage, current and resistance on their analog inputs.

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A bearing could be failing in the circulator pump; in this case the pump will need repair or replacement. If you are mounting a new circulator pump assembly in an existing bracket,for example when just the pump impeller and housing are being replaced, make certain that the pump is properly mounted and supported in position. For some circulator pump models, particularly if the circulator pump is used in a multiple-pump installation, the pump’s internal check valve could be a noise source.

Taco , a manufacturer of circulator pumps and other heating system equipment, says that circulator noise can be due to the built in check valve on a radiant heating system and that the fix is to remove the check valve from the pump. I recently installed a Radiant Mixing Block to heat 2 zones of radiant floor. The check valve in the inlet connect from the boiler supply line is making the noise. To prove a point, put an ice cube on the radiant supply sensor which should make the injection pump speed up.

If the noise goes away when the pump speeds up, then it is the check. To eliminate the noise, break the hot water supply connection and unscrew the adaptor fitting from the block manifold. Look inside that connection and you should see the check and a snap ring holding it in place.

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