Winchester Model 70, Adjustable Stock: Both of those systems have been serving the US military for several decades now with a good service history. So it was here that Hertsel was able to tap into their other business units and utilize resources they already had, mainly the Winchester model 70 action. FN then introduced the Patrol Bolt Rifle PBR , which was geared more for the lower end of the price range and designed to be carried in a patrol cruiser. FN then introduced the Special Police Rifle SPR which aimed at the higher end rifle market, targeted directly at agencies looking for full time sniper rifles. Both of these rifle models were based on the Winchester model 70 action.

Browning A5 Magnum – 12 Gauge

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Feb 28,  · The 3G is the date code for Very nice gun it will serve you well for many years. The Browning Auto 5’s do need regular maintence though, About every 15 years or so have it cleaned and re-lubed other than that just regular barrel cleaning after shooting.

By Randy Wakeman The Browning A-5, the most important semi-automatic shotgun ever made, is likely also one of the most misunderstood shotguns, despite its year history. There is an amazing amount of misinformation and misunderstanding about what it was, what it is and what it does. Although at its best in the field, the A-5 won its fair share of National Skeet Championships in the form of the Remington Model It was not designed to be quickly completely disassembled.

The ultra-thin screws of the Belgian A-5 served as a deterrent to the would-be home gunsmith. Likely more A-5’s have been damaged by amateur smithing attempts than any other gun.

browning magnum special steel 12 gauge

A Brief History of the New A5. In the mid s, with many world-changing firearms inventions to his credit, John M. Browning began dabbling in automatic action designs.

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The top left of the reciever has “Light Twelve” in script imr , Well some do and some don’t. I specifically asked this question of a ‘smith I know. He said to be sure to tighten down the forearm on the receiver upon assembly and avoid leaving any play in it unlike the play in the front handguard on the M1 rifle which is normal. Didn’t go there to buy it but when I saw it there it was mine. Vent, Belgian, incorrect butt pad who cares , perfect finish, etc. Get a Hastings replacement if you can find one or a Jap replacement to use with steel shot.

Browning Auto 5 Very Early 12 GA Belgium, 1929, two barrels, w/Historical letter

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With Maple Leaf top. Age dulled Gold Wire on black felt with black cloth backing. With Maple Leaf at top. Paper strip with name included.

Sep 26,  · I bought 16 Guage A5 this week & regardless of the info on this site & the Browning site- I’m not % on when this gun was made. The serial is 84xxx (no letters).

One made in 23, the other in I bought another one about ten years ago at a gun show for a stupid cheap price-because someone tried to rebarrel it. Browning A5’s back in the day had a barrel extension screwed onto the barrel. Just like comedy, timing IS everything. I found a gunshop back east- and in my advanced years I forget exactly where- but they are about the ONLY shop that specializes on a Browning.

I sent it to them, and they repaired it perfectly. I was a gunsmith back in the mid-to-late 70’s in Peoria, Illinois, and remember taking in an A5 on a trade. The guy had the original owner’s manual dating waaaaay back. As I recall, Browning claimed it took 20, rounds to break one in!!!! Speaking of the front-trigger guard safety- there were actually three versions.

A guy could roughly date an A5 by the safety. The first version was from the very first ones ? Then the front trigger guard safety had a “latch” added.

Browning A5

Date my Browning Double Automatic Posted: Mon Sep 08, 6: Wed Feb 07, Ohio The Double Auto trap is pretty rare. I have seen my Grandfather’s and three at Cabelas over the years.

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As they have added another semi-auto shotgun to their portfolio with their all new A5. Like the tag lines says this is not the gun that John Moses Browning designed in and was in production for years. A cynical friend of mine calls it the Brownelli as it uses a similar operating system to what must be the most popular, modern recoil-operated shotgun – the Benelli.

History tells us that Browning was going to offer the Auto-5 to Remington after it being refused by Winchester big mistake odd as they had taken all his previous designs. As they say the rest is history, though later Remington did make it as the Model 11 and Savage the Model The Auto-5 has a chequered history and apart from its sporting use it has seen action from WW1 to Vietnam. We British used it in Malaya, Borneo and Kenya and again in Northern Ireland on the bomb disposal Felix remote controlled vehicles wheel barrows.

I have even seen one with German waffen amt acceptance stamps that allegedly was a guard gun in a concentration camp. Its notoriety was also enhanced by being used by gangsters Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow! Browning designed a long recoil system in that the barrel and bolt move back into the action together for the length of the cartridge. When they stop the barrel unlocks and is returned by a separate spring, this movement also ejects the empty.

Browning Age Lookup

Home support date your firearm. Andrea griffith has been writing professionally since Manufactured in with the serial number

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Browning A5 16 Gauge Serial Number Date Guide

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Browning® A5 Wicked Wing Semiautomatic Shotgun

Very early Grade 2 wood has some fiddlback figure , Mfg. It has two barrels, one is a Belgian 27″ with adjustable poly choke which came with it. Obviously at a later date had be fitted with the Poly choke as the letter says it was shipped with a 30″ barrel. This was common during the 50’s and early 60’s to add the Poly chokes.

I have taken many Pheasants with this shotgun and have the photos to prove it. Has a new sling and recently new Springs, spacer and bushing.

Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

Browning A5 semi-auto shotgun Manufacturer: This product is featured in: Browning A5 semi-auto shotgun. Now, more than a century later, a new gun has emerged carrying the same name. Jason finds out what has changed. The new Browning A5 has a lot to live up to because it carries the same model name as the gun that started it all in — not just for Browning, but for every other maker of semi-automatics as well. However, Browning have brought together a number of up-to-the-minute designs to make this A5 a totally new gun.

On one of the Browning websites it says: It was the first gun I ever shot! As I remember it grandad bought it secondhand in

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Message Keith Groen Post subject: Sun Jun 25, 9: Fri Mar 31, 1: Note the different colors and pay attention to them when shopping. If possible, measure the chamber. Jeff shared a method to make a simple chamber gauge in another post.

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Learn how to date your Browning Auto 5 16 ga.